This book is the outcome of the author?s Doctoral Research. The book, in five chapters, is a study on the various musical components in the following five plays of Sankaradas Swamigal : 1. Valli Thirumanam 2. Saththiyavan Saviththiri 3. Kovalan Chariththiram 4. Pavalakkodi 5. Gnanasoundari. The life sketch of Swamigal in detail, the appropriate application of various musical systems, the extraordinary skill of Swamigal as a composer and a dramatist, the synchronization of music and lyrics, the role of various rhythm patterns and talam in making the plays very attractive are the salient features of the book. This kind of research on music in theatre is a pioneer one in Tamil.

Published by the author. Price Rs.120
First Edition ? 2000
Re-Edition ? 2001

This book, in six chapters, is a pioneer effort to find out the salient features of music in Nataka Tamil. The study is about the distinctions between the grammars of the Literature Tamil (Iyal), Music Tamil (Isai) and Theatrical Tamil (Natakam). Adiyarkku Nallar, one of the early commentators of Cilappatikaram, advocates a theory that the grammar of three divisions of Tamil differ from one another. Based on this theory, the book is written with reference to the cadences (Rhythemic verses called Santham / Vannam in Tamil), collected from 15 plays of Sankaradas Swamigal, the father and Chief Receptor of Tamil Natakam. Throughout the book, a comparative study is made on the Sandam verses of Swamigal, Gnanasambandar and Arunagirinathar.

Published by the author. Price Rs.90
First Edition ? 2002
Re-Edition ? 2004
Sahitya Akadami, New Delhi, Publication, 2005.
Price Rs.110

The Book is an anthology of 16 Plays of Sankaradas Swamigal who is called as Father of the Tamil Theatre. The book is the first of its kind in Tamil language to consist of 16 plays in 1169 pages in one huge volume. These plays were written by Sankaradas in between 1890 to 1920. His theatre is a Traditional Musical Theatre (Opera) of Tamil. The Plays found in this book are the fine examples of Nataka Tamil (Drama Tamil). The plays have a little amount of dialogues in prose form because they are composed of lyric poems and songs. Every play has its own literary, musical, cultural, moral, social, ethical and aesthetic values naturally. Some of these plays are performed by hundreds of theatre artistes, even today, in many districts of Tamilnadu.

The following are the 16 Plays : Valli Thirumanam, Alli Charittiram, Arichandira Mayanakandam, Nallathangal, Sathyavan Savithri, Pavalakkodi, Prahlathan Charittiram, Simandani, Sulochana Sathi, Sathi Anusuya, Garvi Pars, Kovalan Charittiram, Gnanasoundary, Saragatharan Charittiram, Abhimanyu Sundari and Lava Kusha Natakam.

An Anthology of 16 Musical Plays in 1169 pages,
Kavya Publications, Chennai, 2008. Price Rs.600

The book is written under 23 different titles to bring out the hidden treasure of Tamil music and its grammar as a result of the author?s years long research studies made on Tamil music and Theatre and his vast experience as a musician and musicologist. It helps the readers to understand the richness and continuity of the music tradition of Tamilnadu from the ancient period to 20th century. The book begins with the musicical references in Tolkappiyam and concludes with an essay on Kavadi chindu a popular musical form in folk classical belongs to the present age.

The book elaborately talk about music of the theatre tradition and its contribution to the field of Classical music with special reference to Sankaradas Swamigal and Folk Theatre (Therukkoothu). Contributions of Sangam literature, Silappathikaram, Vadalur Ramalinga Swamigal, Subramaniya Bharathi, Bharathidasan, Suddhananda Bharathi, Mariappa Swami, U.V.Swaminata Iyer and Vi.Pa.Ka.Sundaram to the field of music.

Kavya Publications, Chennai, 2009. Price Rs.220
(Won the Tamilnadu Progressive Writers Association?s Best Research book of the year Award)
Kavya Publications, Chennai 2014
Kambanil Isai Tamizh
Uma Pathippagam, Chennai, 2016
Sankaradas Swamigalin Nataka Isaikkaruvulam
Kaviya Publication
Isai Tamizh Kalaisol Agarathi
More than 50 Research Articles on Music, Theatre, Dance and Folk Arts have been published in Books, Journals, Souvenirs, Magazines and Newspapers. (Published by Tamil University, International Institute of Tamil Studies, Chennai and the like).
Produced on behalf of Centre of Excellence for Classical Tamil, CIIL, Mysore & Central Institute of Classical Tamil, Chennai. (Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India)
(Selected verses from Tolkappiyam and Cankam Literature)
in 5 Volumes
in 5 Volumes
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